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COVID-19 Update 32: A message from the Mayor

April 7 a message from the mayor

See below for an important update from Mayor Letham on COVID-19: 

"Good afternoon, today is Tuesday April 7.

Hope everyone is holding up okay under these challenging times. I want to update you on a few new items under the provinces’ recent order of emergency declaration.

The first being that trailer parks and campgrounds are not allowed to open for recreational purposes until further notice. Another update from that same order was regarding short term rentals. Air B&Bs and cottage rentals for recreation purposes are also prohibited as of right now.

Any bookings after April 4 must be for those in need of emergency housing only, like healthcare providers who need a place to stay while responding to the pandemic.

Municipally speaking, all outdoor recreational amenities including boat launches remain closed. Regular park maintenance is not currently happening, so please don’t leave your garbage beside our trash cans. That is considered illegal dumping and you can be charged. As you know, we’ve increased the curbside pick-up bag limit to three and we’re working through plans for our landfill sites and services such as leaf and yard collection so stay tuned.

There is currently a burn ban in place for all of Kawartha Lakes. Burn index showing burn banThis is nothing new – for over 20 years we’ve always implemented a burn ban in April because it’s peak burning season. However, what is new is this pandemic and right now it is critical that the attention of our first responders can be solely focused on Covid-19. This is for their safety, and yours. You will be charged if you burn illegally.

We understand it’s not easy to stay indoors, especially as the weather gets nicer and many of you have young ones who are getting restless. However, we are still under a state of emergency, both provincially and locally. For the sake of everyone’s safety, it is vital that you to stay home. We need to ensure we are doing everything we can to help protect our community and now, more than ever, it is important we take responsibility for our own actions. Please stay safe.

Thank you."


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