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COVID-19 Update 34 - Waste Management operations and safety measures

Waste management and safety tips

Waste operations and safety reminders 

Kawartha Lakes – In order to ensure the safety of staff who collect curbside waste and keep waste operations running smoothly, residents are reminded of the following:

  • Please put waste and recyclables out before 7am on collection day
  • Please refrain from engaging in conversation with the Miller collection staff. Although your greetings and compliments are always appreciated, staff have been directed to maintain physical distancing and ask that residents also stay 2 metres (6 feet) away.
  • Please ensure you are disposing of items properly, tissues (Kleenex), paper towel, toilet paper and diapers are not recyclable and is to be disposed of as garbage
  • Please ensure garbage is not loose in your bin, all waste should be placed in clear bag of waste and tied closed
  • The Adopt A Road program and the Earth Week 20-Minute Clean Ups are cancelled due to the risks involved in the possible spread of COVID-19.

We are aware that spring came early this year and are asking residents to hold onto their leaf and yard material at this time. Avoid placing in paper bags, unless you are storing in your garage or under a tarp.

Waste management inquiries and service requests can be submitted online.

For frequently asked questions about waste and recycling, visit our website.


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