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COVID-19 Update 36 - A message from the Mayor

April 14, 2020. A message from the Mayor


"Good afternoon, its Tuesday April 14.

Hope everyone took some time to enjoy their long weekend and had a good Easter.

As you may have heard, the province is extending their state of emergency for another 28 days, until May 12. Accordingly, we will continue ours locally as well.

Unfortunately, this means that you will see restrictions continuing for a while. It’s important to realize that all of this is happening because what we’re doing is working and making a difference. I want to take a moment to thank all of you for continuing to do your part. We ramped up enforcement this past weekend and I am happy to say that both by-law and police reported that there were no serious issues with non-compliance in any of our public areas. 

Our local health unit is currently reporting 108* positive cases in Kawartha Lakes – please keep in mind these are cumulative numbers since the beginning of March. This number will not decrease - it is meant to be a total representation over time of everyone who has ever been infected with COVID-19. According to the health unit, community spread in Kawartha Lakes is not any greater than anywhere else in the province.

I am also pleased to report Ross Memorial Hospital is in good shape and has created capacity for up to 100 beds in case there’s a surge of inpatients in the next month. Currently, there are only 2 patients requiring treatment for COVID-19 at our hospital. We are continuing to work with them to update their pandemic strategy.  We are very lucky to have Ross Memorial Hospital in our community. We have some real heroes working over there.

I wanted to lighten today’s message by sharing some of the positive news we have here in the community, however I want to stress that we are still in the middle of a global pandemic. Continuing to work together and all doing our part to stay safe is how we will get through this.

Keep up the good work and thank you."

*Please note that HKPR updated their total count to 109

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