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COVID-19 Update: July 29, 2020. A message from the Mayor

July 29, 2020. A message from the Mayor

Please see below for the latest update from Mayor Letham. 

"Good afternoon, today is July 29.

As another summer month wraps up, I wanted to provide a quick update on where we are going.

At the forefront, one of our main priorities is to ensure economic stability for this year’s budget and next. Based on reduced revenues, we have instructed staff to find ways to eliminate the deficit by year end. This will result in some continued reduced services and amenities as well as some capital work being pushed to next year.

We will be opening some buildings with condensed levels of service – Council has agreed to open six out of our nine arenas this year, but only if the demand warrants it. Please work with our staff as there may be some new rules around booking ice time, but our goal is to offer this service as efficiently as possible.

We all need to be flexible to ensure that we can remain stable as a community. This includes patience as we continue to take slow and steady steps forward and as we find new ways of doing business. We are making progress and that’s what I want to end with.

Last week, we were able to remove our State of Emergency. It doesn’t mean that the risks are gone, but it does means that we’re taking the right steps to protect ourselves and work towards the future.

Thank you and have a nice day." 


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