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Fenelon Landfill to be open summer hours only to help extend life span of vital site

Fenelon Falls Landfill

Fenelon Falls LandfillKawartha Lakes - Changes will be coming forward in 2022 to the municipality’s landfill hours of operation in order to help extend the Fenelon Landfill life span and assist with controlling operating costs. Beginning January 1, 2022 the Fenelon Landfill will be temporarily closed, reopening on May 1, 2022.  Annually, the Fenelon Landfill will be open during the summer landfill hours of operation, which run May 1 through October 15.

In order to ensure there are still landfill disposal services available during these winter hours, the Somerville Landfill site hours will be extended, now open Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays from 9am to 5pm. The Lindsay Ops Landfill has also extended its hours, now open for full service to the public during the winter hours on Wednesdays from 8am to 5pm.

The rationale for implementing these changes is as follows:

  • The remaining site life at the Fenelon Landfill will double. The landfill is currently estimated to be at capacity within the next 3-4 years. By extending the site’s life to 6-8 years through this new winter closure, it delays the site from closing year round and prolongs continued service in the summer/busier season. This site life extension will also give Kawartha Lakes an opportunity to pursue additional options to extend the site life even further.
  • The waste in the Somerville landfill is currently compacted by a loader so through rotating the Fenelon landfill compactor to Somerville in the winter, there will be improved compaction of waste at Somerville. As a result, we will also see a significant increase in remaining site life at Somerville.
  • The Lindsay Ops landfill is the municipalities main regional hub for disposal, offering more services to reduce, recycle and divert waste than the other sites. Increasing the hours open to the public on Wednesdays in the winter will allow better access and opportunity to programs being offered at this site.

The Fenelon landfill will re-open on May 1, 2022 and operate during summer hours until the next winter hour period begins on October 16, 2022. To learn more about our landfills, including a full schedule of hours of operation, please visit our Landfills page on the municipal website.

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