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Fire Rescue Service urges public to use caution while cooking

The man was heating oil on the stove when the smoke alarm sounded. After disconnecting the smoke alarm, he continued cooking and the oil burst into flames.

“Almost one in four fires in Ontario are caused by unattended and careless cooking,” says Deputy Fire Chief Ron Raymer. “We remind residents that disconnecting a smoke alarm is a dangerous and unlawful act.”

Kawartha Lakes Fire Rescue Service recommends the following tips for cooking with oil:

  • Heat the oil gradually so it won’t splatter
  • If you do have a pan fire, slide the lid onto the pan and turn off the burner
  • Wear clothing with close-fitting sleeves or use rubber bands to secure dangling sleeves while cooking

“Do not attempt to extinguish any fire,” instructs Raymer. “Call 911 and leave it to the professionals.”

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Ron Woolfrey
Fire Inspector and Public Education, Kawartha Lakes Fire Rescue Service
705-324-5731 extension 586

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