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Health Unit issues heat warning for Kawartha Lakes from July 12-14

During an Extended Heat Warning event, the health unit advises the suspension of all outdoor sports activities and asks that caretakers and family members check more frequently on vulnerable groups.

The Health Unit advises local residents to take the following precautions:

  • Avoid outdoor sports activities or moderately intense physical activity.
  • Check-in with vulnerable family, friends, acquaintances, clients.
  • Drink lots of water and natural fruit juices even if you don’t feel very thirsty.
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages, coffee and cola.
  • Go to air conditioned places (shopping malls, libraries, community centers or a friend’s home).
  • Take a cool bath or shower periodically or cool down with cool, wet towels.

Symptoms of heat exhaustion include:

  • heavy sweating,muscle cramps, headache
  • fainting, weakness
  • dizziness, nausea

City of Kawartha Lakes Paramedic Service reminds residents if you think someone is overcome by heat (weak, tired, hot, flushed, possibly unresponsive), call 911 immediately. Move the victim to the shade, loosen his/her clothes and wipe or spray his/her skin with cool water.

For more tips and information on how to manage in the heat, visit our Paramedics page on the City website at


For more information please contact:

Cindy Minaker
Administrative Assistant Paramedic Service

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