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Help keep Kawartha Lakes the naturally beautiful place it is

Winter scene in Kawartha Lakes

Winter water in Kawartha Lakes

Kawartha Lakes – The municipality is made up of over 250 rivers and lakes and has over 600km of trails to explore. With so much of the area defined by natural landscapes and green spaces, it’s vital for all those who live and work here to do their part to keep the City healthy and clean.

Disposing of your household waste in and/or beside public waste containers is an illegal offence and fines can be placed, just the same as the illegal dumping of waste on roadsides or ditches. 

See below for some easy tips on reducing litter:

  • Always use reusable items where possible, such as grocery bags, water bottles and food containers
  • Use waste and/or recycling bins properly
  • Always have a spare waste bag in your car, to throw away items if a waste bin isn’t nearby
  • Take advantage of programs that help divert items such as construction waste and clean wood
  • Stay informed on when your curbside collection takes place:
    - Weekly alerts can be set up through the mywaste app
    - The 2021 Municipal Waste and Recycling Calendars are now available in stores and online

If you do come across areas littered with garbage or hazardous waste (such as batteries, paint, gas containers, needles) on public or municipal property, please contact Kawartha Lakes by calling 705-324-9411 or completing the Report It form on the City’s website.

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