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Kawartha Lakes Boards and Agencies present 2023 budgets to Council

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Correction Notice:
In the KLPL paragraph, a previous version of this release stated: "The library served 14,000 patrons across its 14 branches in 2022 and aims to grow the use of the library to 30 percent of the population in the year ahead."

As the sentence was factually inaccurate, it was updated to: "The library served 140,000 patrons across its 14 branches in 2022 and aims to grow per capita attendance at library events and programs to 30 percent of the population in the year ahead."

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Kawartha Lakes – At the Council meeting of January 26, 2023, Council received budget submissions and heard presentations from the various boards and agencies that support the community. These budgets are inserted into the Operating Budget and contribute to the change in the tax levy for each year. External Agencies are those agencies that are not directly governed by the City. These budget requests will be deliberated with the Operating Budget on February 28, 2023.

KLH Housing Corporation
Kawartha Lakes Housing Corporation owns and manages 783 units across Kawartha Lakes and Haliburton. Of these units, 72 percent are rent-geared-to-income. Kirstin Maxwell, CEO, shared highlights of the upcoming year subsidy request of $3.5 million, up from $2.8 million in 2022, which was a status quo budget. The subsidy equates to $4,500 per housing unit.

Kawartha Lakes Public Library (KLPL)
Jamie Anderson, Library Director/CEO, presented the 2023 budget of $2.3 million, noting a minimal increase due to increased staff hours requested. The library served 140,000 patrons across its 14 branches in 2022 and aims to grow per capita attendance at library events and programs to 30 percent of the population in the year ahead. The grand opening of the new Bobcaygeon branch and Municipal Service Centre will take place this Saturday January, 28 from 11am to 1pm at 123 East Street South. Everyone is welcome.

Kawartha Lakes Police Service (KLPS)
Mark Mitchell, Chief, presented the budget noting key projects such as adding two full time uniformed officers, a return to in-person officer training and court security and rising fuel costs. Capital expenses include automated license plate scanners now that the provincial government has dissolved the license plate sticker program. The Service’s tasers are at end of life and require replacing. The budget represents a 4.5 percent overall increase of $400,000. The KLPS is readying for an enhanced 911 system to roll out in future years, and the investment is included in the City’s Information Technology budget.

HKPR District Health Unit
Dr. Natalie Boking, Medical Officer of Health, brought forward a levy request that was $2.3 million, slightly lower than the 2022 request. Pandemic funding from the province has assisted the Health Unit to meet budget requirements. Expenses are funded 70 percent provincial, 30 percent municipal.

Kawartha Conservation
Mark Majchrowski, Chief Administrative Officer, shared with Council that the agency’s budget will be circulated in April and approved in May. The Board has recommended an approximate 3 percent increase, resulting in $62,000 additional levy funding from Kawartha Lakes. Major projects include implementing the existing Lake Management Plans, finalizing the plan for Lake Dalrymple and a rural tree planting program.

Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority
Rob Baldwin, Chief Administrative Officer, presented the budget which is held to 2022 requests from the municipality, a total of $39,000. The agency will take this year to digest the implications of Bill 23 and incorporate requirements into the 2024 budget.

Otonabee Conservation
Janette Loveys Smith, Chief Administrative Officer/Secretary-Treasurer, presented the budget which included a $9,200 levy request, in line with 2022 budgets.

Kawartha Lakes Healthcare Initiative
Barb VanderVeen, Acting President and Cindy Snider, Recruitment and Retention Coordinator attended. There are currently 6,000 residents who are without a family doctor and 20,000 have a doctor outside of the municipality. Kawartha Lakes needs 19.5 full time family physicians to meet today’s needs. Data shows it takes 2.5 new graduates to replace a current practicing doctor. Three new doctors were recruited in 2022: Dr. Luke Johnson, Dr. Elizabeth Morrison and Dr. Nivi Navaratnam. A $10,000 increase in funding was requested due to increased cost of in-person events and other general cost increases.

Lindsay Downtown Business Improvement Association (BIA)
Steve Podolsky, Lindsay Downtown Business Improvement Association and Wes Found presented the budget, requesting $192,000 up from $148,000, to accommodate additional marketing and beautification activities. Podolsky thanked staff for their support year round to keep the downtown safe and healthy throughout the year, including through the recent reconstruction project that has left downtown Lindsay looking, in his words, “fantastic”.

Victorian Order of Nurses (VON)
Jennifer Burton, Nurse Practitioner, reviewed the local VON clinics:

The Kirkfield clinic has an on-site blood lab and access to a Nurse Practitioner (NP). It has over 600 registered clients, and Burton noted that a second NP in 2023 could take on an additional 800 clients to meet demand. The Lindsay clinic has 450 registered clients, with 200 more projected in 2023. An additional NP in the existing space would provide an opportunity to partner with the Community Paramedicine program. One additional NP would require approximately $120,000 in funding from the municipality with the balance being contributed by the province. The VON budget is included in the Human Services department budget.

The Kawartha Lakes OPP and the Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority provided budget requests by correspondence; both are available on the agenda.

For full presentations, you can watch the recorded meeting on YouTube.

Upcoming Budget Meetings:

Special Council meeting, Public meeting for Budget Overview, February 2, 2023, 7pm, livestreamed on YouTube or in person in Council Chambers.

On February 14 and 28, tune in or attend the budget deliberations. See our budget page for details on the schedule:

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