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Kawartha Lakes celebrates World Migratory Bird Day on May 11

Osprey taking flight
Osprey taking flight

Kawartha Lakes – Kawartha Lakes will be recognizing World Migratory Bird Day on May 11. This comes on the wings of Kawartha Lakes’ recent designation as a Bird Friendly City in March 2024, solidifying our commitment to bird conservation and environmental stewardship.

Kawartha Lakes offers a haven for bird enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. As migratory birds journey across continents, Kawartha Lakes provides essential habitats and fuel along their remarkable journeys.

To commemorate World Migratory Bird Day, lights will be turned off at City Hall on the evening of May 11. Lights can disorient birds, many of which migrate at night, and can lead to collisions with windows.

Residents are invited to explore local events to connect with nature and become inspired to take action in preserving our natural heritage. Kawartha Conservation and Kawartha Field Naturalists are both hosting free World Migratory Bird Day events

For more information about these events and activities, please visit:

The first round of voting for the Kawartha Lakes Bird Friendly 2024 Bird of the Year also closes on May 11. The top five birds will move on to the second round of voting, which will close on June 28.

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