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Kawartha Lakes climbs the ranks in Canada as 'worth the Jump In'

Aerial downtown Lindsay

Kawartha Lakes – Taking into account average home prices, price growth over time, and the characteristics and aerial view of Lindsayeconomics of each neighbourhood, Kawartha Lakes has taken its spot as the #2 place – second only to Toronto – for prospective home buyers to purchase a home in Canada, according to Moneysense readers.

Massive shifts in priorities and lifestyle challenges brought on by the pandemic caused many urbanites to consider more rural real estate markets – a fact bolstered by a 2021 survey by Zoocasa – illuminating the distinct advantages that small towns and cities can offer families and individuals alike. From quieter commutes to connected communities with fulfilling career opportunities, Kawartha Lakes' appeal is getting noticed on a larger scale.MoneySense Ranking, Kawartha Lakes #2

Real value for real estate

Between 2021 and 2022, Kawartha Lakes saw a 21% increase in new and replacement dwelling permits issued, with a total value of construction worth more than $223 million. For home buyers, this incline is creating plenty of opportunity to make a move: partners, kids, in-laws and all. Combined with the increased value that rural cities provide prospective homebuyers – and especially first time homebuyers who are unlikely to be able to afford the Everest prices in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), the advantages of relocating to Kawartha Lakes are appealing.Arash Yazdani, PRI Engineering

Arash Yazdani, a local business and home owner who was born and raised in Lindsay, took advantage of the Kawartha Lakes opportunity when he purchased his home on a local waterfront. And while he attributes much of the move to his career in geotechnical engineering and materials testing, he has observed the rising costs of the GTA with a weary eye. “First time homebuyers? It’s very unlikely they're going to be able to afford something in Hamilton or Toronto or even Kitchener-Waterloo. You’re probably going to enjoy 20-30% lower on housing prices here in Kawartha Lakes, which is great for first time homebuyers.”

With a number of his staff working in Mississauga and looking to make first time purchases or real estate investments, Arash challenges them to consider Kawartha Lakes. “I ask them, ‘when are you ever going to be able to afford anything in Toronto’?”

Whether you come to Kawartha Lakes with a desire to plant roots or follow the breeze, Arash says, “If you're planning on relocating, there’s no question about it – there’s going to be a more attractive real estate market here for you.”

Affordable Living; a Community FeelRyan Oliver, Pingguac

Ryan Oliver, a local business owner and resident of Kawartha Lakes, returned to the area after having relocated to Nunavut to work for the government. In reference to coming back, he says, “There’s a reason I didn’t move to Toronto. It had to do with affordability, and it had to do with elements of lifestyle – specifically, it’s not crowded, and it gave me access to a spot where I wanted my kids to grow up.”

There’s no question: living in a more urbanized area makes it easy to blend in; to become less of a face and more of a stranger amongst many. But in Kawartha Lakes, there’s a palpable warmth where neighbours are friends, businesses are partners, and communities are connected. “I’m a block from downtown in an area with a lot of century homes. There’s a lot of stories on the streets that surround us,” says Ryan. “There's a lot of families that I’ve known since we were kids. Our neighbours on all sides of us are people we've known – whether as parents’ friends, or friends moving back to the area – for a long time. There’s history and a sense of connection that can be felt.”Main Street Bobcaygeon

In addition to a tight-knit community feel – and thanks to over 250 lakes and 600 kilometres of scenic trails – Kawartha Lakes provides a natural backdrop for those who seek a relaxed lifestyle and proximity to the great outdoors. For those who prefer cityscapes and the perks that come with them, a growing craft beverage and restaurant scene can't be overlooked, and neither can the area’s signature museums, art galleries, and live theatre experiences.

About Kawartha Lakes

Less than 90 minutes northeast of Toronto, Kawartha Lakes is Ontario’s second largest single-tier municipality. Our Overlooking locks, Fenelon Fallsgeography is about the size of a small maritime province, yet we’re home to just 75,000 residents – making space for all who are looking to Jump In to the Kawartha Lakes Lifestyle. We are made up of several communities, each with its own unique personality that together offers a network of experiences unlike anywhere else. From the thriving downtowns of Fenelon Falls, Bobcaygeon, Lindsay and Omemee, to our strong agricultural heritage, here in Kawartha Lakes is where urban meets rural. With over 250 lakes and rivers winding through our towns, trails and abundant farmland, there are endless opportunities for exploration in four seasons, all connected by water.

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