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Kawartha Lakes Council passes Capital Budget on track with Long-Term Financial Plan at $57.7 million

2023 Budget logo

2023 Budget logo

Kawartha Lakes – At the Special Council meeting on February 14, 2023, the Capital Budget was adopted by Council at a total investment of $57.7 million.

Mayor Elmslie commented on the passing of the Capital Budget, “I’m pleased that our new Council has passed its first Capital Budget and that it is within about three percent of the Long-Term Financial Plan (LTFP) forecasts. This is commendable given the current economic climate and given that we are still recovering from the challenges of the pandemic. Council can assure residents that we’re looking after the municipality’s assets while working towards ever improving the condition of our roads in a prudent fashion.”

Deputy Mayor Richardson called Council’s attention to the list of deferred projects that were not part of the Capital Budget, totaling $87 million. CAO Taylor confirmed there is a gradual year over year improvement to the infrastructure deficit and acknowledged that gaining traction on those projects is a slow process as inflationary pressures counter-balance progress. The 1.5 percent infrastructure levy is contributing to the annual needs of the municipality as it improves roads and related infrastructure.

Council is on track to keeping the tax increases steady at 3 percent again this year, although deliberations for the Operating, Special Projects and Water-Wastewater components of the budget will come on February 28, 2023.

Roads highlights

  • Total investment in roads and bridges of more than $26.6 million.
  • Kagawong Road will be resurfaced from gravel to high float at net cost of $440,000 to be funded 50 percent by reserves and 50 percent by the community
  • The province provided an unanticipated additional $678,000 in Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund (OCIF) financing. Council applied this funding into the 2023 Gravel Resurfacing capital program.
  • Replacement of the Rainbow, Hartley Road, Ballyduff Road bridges and designs for Chisholm Trail and West Jennings Creek bridges for a total investment of $2.6 million.

Facilities and fleet highlights:

  • The Old Gaol Museum building will receive repairs to the roof and exterior walls to address water damage and structural repairs required to maintain the 1863-vintage building. Staff have recommended a 10-year project with annual investment of $400,000 to ensure the design and restoration work is completed as necessary. In addition, drainage, parking expansion and beautification of the courtyard and adjacent City Hall lands will also be designed and executed this year, with a total investment of $850,000 in the properties in 2023.
  • Deferral until 2024 of the demolition of the building at 970 Eldon Road that currently houses the Dragonflies community group, in order for the group to have time to explore an alternate location. The fundraising impact of the Dragonflies was acknowledged by Council.
  • Landfill enhancements including expansion of Lindsay Ops and Somerville landfill cells required to ensure landfill capacity into the future, $6.1 million.
  • Fire Rescue Service will receive two tanker trucks and a pumper truck to refresh and update their fleet, along with a variety of equipment including new bunker gear, for a total investment of $3.1 million.
  • Public Works fleet investment of $10.2 million for a backhoe, loader, excavators, graders, 10 tractors, nine plow trucks, pickup trucks, vans and more to meet the needs of the municipality and expand service delivery.

Council approved the following additional projects for inclusion in the 2023 capital program:

  • A $600,000 Coboconk Wharf improvement project for which design was approved in previous years but construction deferred to allow the Ministry of Transportation to carry out planned work. The Ministry work has since been delayed, allowing time for this municipal project to be completed.
  • Design of a new traffic signal for the intersection of County Road 36 and Boyd and Canal Streets was accelerated to 2023, $40,000.
  • Resurfacing of Coldstream Road and Grey Wood Drive, $293,000.
  • Funding for a servicing study and design for a splash pad in Omemee, $100,000.
  • New sandbagging machine to support flood operations, $40,000.

Next Budget Meeting: February 28, 9am, Deliberation of Operating, Special Projects and Water-Wastewater Budgets. Everyone is welcome to attend in Council Chambers or tune in live by YouTube. Follow along the budget process at

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