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Kawartha Lakes Council votes for creating a new model for community halls and arenas

The financial analysis and user statistics combined with extensive public response prompted Mayor Andy Letham to acknowledge that Council is at a crossroads. Council can continue to implement its previous decisions on consolidating arenas and community halls, or Council can pause and call upon community leaders and user groups to become actively engaged in developing a new model.

The Mayor’s resolutions that all community halls and arenas remain open indefinitely were supported unanimously by Council. There will be a Task Force that includes the Mayor and two Councillors, along with community members and staff to look at the Manvers Arena as a model that balances financial sustainability and local community building. This pilot model will be applied in other communities as it develops. The City will be calling upon facility users, sports associations and community leaders to work together to develop a user model that is affordable for all taxpayers.

For community halls, the City will be looking to existing volunteer boards and community groups for expressions of interest to own, operate and/or maintain facilities.

“We were taken aback by the passion and commitment of the volunteers and community members who use these facilities. I’m glad that our Core Service Review has engaged so many residents and exposed local community pride. It has also validated that the City is delivering services well in these areas and brought to light the financial burden we currently face,” commented Mayor Andy Letham. “The Core Service Review was never a simple cost cutting measure, and we now are calling upon our communities to actively develop a better model with us. We need them to step up to help us deliver the services more affordably.”

Council also voted on the future use of the Bobcaygeon Beach Park trailer park. It was decided that the City would retain the land and cease trailer park operations at the end of the 2017 season. Staff will research options to provide expanded community and tourism use of the land, such as docking and park amenities.

The City of Kawartha Lakes Council has been reviewing the bulk of the City’s core services over the last year. The reviews have been completed by staff with the intent of determining how best to deliver services while maintaining an affordable and efficient model. All Core Service Reviews can be found on the City’s website at


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