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Lindsay Ops Landfill Open House offers educational opportunity

Landfill sign

The Lindsay Ops Landfill Open House is Wednesday, October 25 at 7pm in the Victoria Room of City Hall, 26 Francis Street, Lindsay.

The event will showcase how we manage the Lindsay Ops landfill site and how we protect the surrounding environment. The Open House is an opportunity for members of the community to ask questions and better understand the work that goes into operating our largest landfill site.

 “We’re excited to invite people of all ages to come and learn about waste management in our community,” says David Kerr, Manager of Environmental Services. “The event will highlight the importance of recycling and how the way we operate our landfills protects the environment.”

The Open House will include slide presentations reviewing 2016 site operations and staff will be available to answer questions from the public. Attendees will meet members of the Lindsay Ops Public Review Committee and learn about the importance of the Committee’s role in reviewing operations of the landfill site. Light refreshments will be provided.

“We have planned the event to be educational for residents and encourage parents and teachers to bring students to the Open House,” continues Mr. Kerr. “It’s great to see the community getting involved in protecting our environment.”

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