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Outgoing Deputy Mayor Elmslie reflects on past year

Councillor Doug Elmslie

Councillor Doug ElmslieKawartha Lakes – Today Councillor Doug Elmslie closed out his one year term as Deputy Mayor in an outgoing speech to Council reflecting on his time in the role.

“I was very honoured to be the first elected Deputy Mayor in Kawartha Lakes. To me the most important part of the position was being an additional resource for engaging with residents in all wards and acting as a contact for Council. Exploring ways to engage our citizens and hearing their issues, concerns and their potential solutions to our challenges was the most rewarding aspect of being Deputy Mayor,” remarked Elmslie. He thanked the Mayor, Councillors, staff and residents who reached out and shared their thoughts and support throughout the year.

As of the 2018 municipal election, Kawartha Lakes Council reduced its size from 16 to eight Councillors. To assist with the change in governance, Council adopted the election of a Deputy Mayor for a one year term. The new role of the Deputy Mayor was shaped by Councillor Doug Elmslie, Ward 3. He acknowledged that others may approach the role differently and encouraged that the enhanced level of public outreach should continue.

Deputy Elmslie chose to tackle the issue of roads, noting that during his 13 years on Council, this has been one of residents’ key concerns. During the fall, seven Roads 101 Roundtables were held around the municipality to hear from residents about how to improve the way we look after roads. In all, over 500 people participated at meetings, and online at the new website, Jump In, Kawartha Lakes. A report with the recommendations of the panelists who attended each meeting will be coming to Council on January 14.

“I was pleased to see at our roundtables that members of the public, staff and Council exchanged respectful and informative sentiments about how best to look after our roads. We now have recommendations on what can be improved going forward,” commented Deputy Elmslie.

On behalf of Council, Mayor Letham thanked Doug Elmslie for his contributions, noting that he created a solid baseline for the position, allowing each new Deputy Mayor to bring their own strengths to the role.


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