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Planning Approvals Task Force recommendations moving ahead

Council also heard a presentation by Councillor John Pollard, Chair of the Planning Approvals Task Force. Pollard outlined the extensive public process that uncovered the problem areas in the development process. Input included four open houses, a survey and months of working with a task force made up of experienced professionals in the development field, members of the public, Council and staff.

The Task Force divided the input from the public into four main areas:

  • Customer Service/Checklists
  • Security deposits and application guidelines
  • Communications – internal and external
  • Kawartha Lakes Conservation Authority process improvements

Some of the Task Force recommendations included:

  • Reducing the amount of up-front investment for developers by:

- Adopting a Development Charge Deferral Policy

- Reviewing amount and timing of security deposits

- Creating a sliding scale of application fees depending on size of development

  • Hiring an additional planner to assist in overall processing of complex and priority applications
  • Hiring a new building and zoning clerk to assist the public with general building permit and zoning inquiries
  • A review of guides and checklists to make the application processes easier to understand
  • Creating a tracking system so that applicants can follow their applications through the process

These recommendations will help the applicant understand the process, ensure staff are accountable and streamline the development processes. Every recommendation made by the Task Force is tied to a timeline and staff are required to provide progress updates on a semi-annual basis.

Kawartha Conservation Authority, which is involved in many of the City’s development processes, has already initiated a series of improvements to ensure accountability and improved turnaround times for applicants.

By 2041, Kawartha Lakes is targeting a population of 107,000, an increase of over 30,000 new residents. The recommendations of the Task Force will ensure that the proposed growth and development in Kawartha Lakes happens in the timeliest and most efficient manner.

Chris Marshall, Director of Development Services noted, “We are encouraged by the progress of the Task Force and we look forward to implementing the many recommendations that will improve the customer experience for those who will be helping to grow Kawartha Lakes.”

Councillor John Pollard, Chair of the Planning Approvals Task Force commented, “The overwhelming success of this process is due to the dedication, knowledge and expertise that the Task Force members brought to the table. Ultimately, the Task Force listened and responded to recommendations from a wide audience. Some of the recommendations have already been implemented. Going forward, I'm sure the changes will have an impact on the perception that the City of Kawartha Lakes is open for business.”


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