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Routine Watermain Flushing in CKL Drinking Water Systems - Spring 2023


Kawartha Lakes – Routine Watermain Flushing in CKL Drinking Water Systems (DWS)

Kawartha Lakes would like to inform residents that routine spring watermain flushing for this year is underway and will continue until June 15, 2023.

Operators from Ontario Clean Water Agency will be flushing the below systems as per the following schedule:

Southview Estates DWS – April 17 to May 5 (completed)

Norland DWS – May 8 to May 19 (completed)

Kinmount DWS – May 8 to May 19 (completed)

Woodville DWS – April 17 to May 5 (completed)

Western Trent/Palmina DWS – April 20 (completed)

Canadiana Shores DWS– May 16 (completed)

Pleasant Point DWS – June 14

Mariposa Estates DWS – June 14

Kings Bay DWS – June 15

Victoria Place DWS – May 30 (completed)

Manorview DWS – May 31

Woodfield DWS – May 31

Oakwood (part of Lindsay DWS) - June 1, June 2, June 5 and June 6

Omemee DWS – May 24 (completed)

Birch Point DWS – June 7

Pinewood DWS – June 1

Janetville DWS – June 13

Flushing in Lindsay, Fenelon Falls and Bobcaygeon, will begin Tuesday, May 23 with City staff working through these systems until flushing is complete. The dates for Manilla DWS and Sonya DWS will be listed when scheduled.

The flushing of watermains is necessary to remove sediment that gradually deposits in the pipes. There may be brief periods of time when your water becomes cloudy or discoloured; please note that this is not harmful. Simply let your cold water tap run until the water runs clear. Please check your drinking, cooking and laundry water before using.

In addition to temporary discolouration, pressure fluctuations during the flushing process may be experienced. These fluctuations will stop once flushing is completed.

For additional information, please contact us at (705) 324 - 9411.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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