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Rural Zoning By-law Task Force appointed by Council

Planner in a rural area

KawaPlanner in a rural areartha Lakes - Since amalgamation in 2001, Kawartha Lakes has been using the original 18 Zoning By-laws to address land development within the municipality as a whole. While the original By-laws have still continued to meet development needs, the combination of outdated standards and regulations between areas has promoted the decision to create one new comprehensive Zoning By-law for the municipality. This project will take place in two phases: the first will address the 13 Rural Zoning By-laws and the second phase will review the five Urban Zoning By-laws.

The development of a Task Force has been approved by Council to assist Kawartha Lakes with the consolidation of the By-laws for phase one. Staff will bring forward a report for the recommended members, including Councillor Veale as the representative for Council. Staff have also issued a request for proposal to retain a consultant to prepare the new Rural Zoning By-law consolidation.

“The Rural Zoning By-Law Consolidation project is an important step for us to ensure we are reviewing current practices and factoring in the existing Provincial and City Official Plan policy,” stated Richard Holy, Manager of Planning for Kawartha Lakes. “The new consolidated By-law must be fair, balanced, contemporary and flexible to meet the needs of land development across the municipality as a whole”.

The Task Force is scheduled to meet over the course of preparing the draft Rural Zoning By-Law for Council consideration. All meetings will be open to Council, staff and the public. Funding in the amount of $100,000 has been allocated for the Rural Zoning By-law in the City’s 2019 Budget. It is anticipated that this will be a two year project.

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