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Take advantage of free woodchips and garden compost at Lindsay Ops Landfill

Compost pile at Lindsay Ops Landfill

Compost pile at Lindsay OpsKawartha Lakes – Residents are encouraged to come take advantage of free woodchips and garden compost available at the Lindsay Ops Landfill. Residents can visit the landfill on Wednesdays between the hours of 8am and 4pm to pick up the materials. Please be advised that regular landfill services are closed at the Lindsay Ops on Wednesdays. 

What are the materials made from?
The materials available are from recycled leaf and yard waste collected throughout the year.

The brush material (branches) are separated, then chipped by a contracted wood chipper. Woodchips are a great resource for gardens because they can add nutrients to your soil, provide moisture retention for your plants and suppress weeds.

The leaf and yard waste is monitored, turned and sampled by staff as per the Ontario Compost Quality Standards. It’s a labour-intensive process that takes a minimum of 7 months to complete. The composted material holds a nutritious soil additive and can help your gardens by providing organic matter as well as improving drainage.

Staff have successfully composted a pile of residential leaf and yard material at the Lindsay Ops landfill. Composted material and woodchips are available free of charge at the Lindsay Ops landfill site every Wednesday, between 8am and 4pm. 

For those looking to come collect the materials, please be advised that it is a self-serve pick up. We ask that you come prepared to be able to load and transfer the materials yourself. Quantities are limited and are available while supplies last.

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