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Victoria Manor digitally celebrates “Volunteer Appreciation”

Victoria Manor Volunteer Appreciation

Victoria Manor Volunteer AppreciationKawartha Lakes – As we begin another month in 2020, it’s hard to imagine where the time has gone, especially when the focus has solely been on the protection and safety of our community. Victoria Manor, the municipality’s long term care home in Lindsay, would’ve normally taken the month of April to celebrate “Volunteer Appreciate Month”, however due to the current circumstances, has had to postpone their normal celebrations.

“Even though we cannot celebrate this year as we normally do, I wanted to make sure we are still able to show appreciation and gratitude for those who continue to support us every day,” stated Kristina Cellini, Life Enrichment Assistant for Victoria Manor. “Although they are not allowed to physically be here, many of our volunteers have called or emailed to ask if there is anything they can do/make/sew to make sure our residents are safe and happy. I can never thank my volunteers enough for everything they do and the difference they continue to make.”

Victoria Manor staff created a digital “Thank you” poster to show appreciation for their volunteers and to let them know that their hard work does not go unnoticed. You can view the full poster here.

“They play a very important part of life here and we miss them so much,” continued Cellini. “I know that our residents especially can’t wait until we are able to open our doors, and our arms, to welcoming them back.”


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