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Event Applications (Special Events)

The Municipal Event Application (MEA) helps simplify event planning in Kawartha Lakes.

Do I need to complete a Municipal Event Application?

If your event is on municipal property and you expect attendance to be more than 350 people per day you must complete a Municipal Event Application.

You must also complete a Municipal Event Application if:

  • you will require additional Policing or Emergency services at your event
  • your event will charge a fee
  • the event is for commercial gain or profit
  • there will be vendors at your event
  • your event requires a road or street closure
  • your event will disrupt parking or sidewalks
  • your event falls outside the City's Noise By-Law and Park Operation hours
  • your event includes food concessions and/or preparation areas
  • your event will be erecting any tents over 60 metres squared
  • you will serve alcohol at your event


Once you submit a complete Municipal Event Application we will distribute it to the necessary departments within the City and external agencies for review and recommendations.

We will let you know if we need more information or if additional permits and inspections are required. We reserve the right to require coordination meetings before the event takes place.


A completed Municipal Event Application and all additional required documentation must be submitted:

  • at least 60 days in advance if you expect less than 5000 people
  • At least 90 in advance if you expect 5000 people or more

Please return the completed application form to:

City of Kawartha Lakes Parks, Recreation & Culture Division

Community Development Coordinator
50 Wolfe Street, Lindsay ON K9V 2J2
Phone: 705-324-9411 extension 1306
Fax: 705-878-9388

E-Mail: Community Development Coordinator

You can submit a Municipal Event Application online or print the form and return it in person.

Documents and Resources

Municipal Licensing

Building Division

Public Works

Please contact Public Works if you need to complete a Road Closure Safety Equipment Rental Agreement.


Parks, Recreation and Culture

Please contact the Facility Booking Office for more information about the Municipal Alcohol Policy by calling 705-324-9411 extension 1226.


Helpful Tips on Accessible Event Planning:


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