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That's a Wrap 2023

The Kawartha Lakes’ That’s a Wrap Traffic Control Box (TCB) art program is a temporary public art initiative to wrap select traffic control boxes along the Kawartha Lakes road network with artist created imagery. Starting in 2022, the City has worked with local artists to help beautify the landscape by wrapping its municipal traffic control boxes with themed artwork.

In collaboration with Kawartha Arts Network, the goal of the program is to enliven our landscapes with eye-popping artwork that captures and displays the individual and collective experiences of our community on traffic control boxes around the municipality.

Kawartha Lakes put out a Call for Submissions to local artists for the program and we received 26 entries. The theme for 2023 was Sports and Entertainment. Ten submissions were chosen for wrapping, and three more were chosen to join the ten as the monthly artwork in the upcoming 2024 Municipal Calendar

Without further adieu, please see the chosen submissions for this year's That's a Wrap art program:

Artwork of music notes
Music is Power
By Lynne Sproule

Lynne Sproule lives on the outskirts of Cambray, where she creates artwork in a variety of mediums, while running a Hunter/Jumper/Combined Driving equestrian facility. She’s stepped out of her comfort zone, leaving the sculpture, airbrush, and realism behind to create this digital abstract piece for the Kawartha Lakes “That’s a Wrap” program. This piece represents the performing arts and the power music has to transport and unite us as a community.

Find it in the Municipal Calendar: August
Traffic Box: View the That's a Wrap Map

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Group of people playing instruments
The Blues Cafe
By Brad Haley

Brad is a Canadian watercolour artist recognized for his detailed work in country landscapes, florals and sports art. Brad has published many limited editions and original works that are in public and private collections throughout Canada, the USA and England. He has also taught students in private art classes and through the local school board. Brad and his wife currently reside in Kawartha Lakes.

Find it in the Municipal Calendar: February
Traffic Box: View the That's a Wrap Map

Two people cross country skiing

Balsam Lake Trek
By Carrie Ruddy

Carrie Ruddy is originally a Coboconk native who now resides by Balsam Lake in the Kirkfield area. The local landscapes are the inspiration and focus of much of her work. She is excited to rediscover the natural beauty of the countryside where she grew up and share her love of art with others. The submitted artwork, Balsam Lake Trek, is soft pastel on paper and was inspired by a crisp, beautiful day of snowshoeing on the frozen ice of Balsam Lake.

Find it in the Municipal Calendar: January
Traffic Box: View the That's a Wrap Map

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Person riding a bicycle

TransCanada Magic
By Christina Dedes 

Christina is a freelance graphic designer and artist based in the Kawartha Lakes. She studied for three years at Fleming College’s Haliburton School of Art + Design, receiving her diplomas in Visual + Creative Arts and Integrated Design, alongside certificates in Ceramics and Digital Image Design.

A devoted advocate for the arts, she is involved in multiple local initiatives to help amplify and support creatives—the Kawartha Lakes Arts Council being one of them.

Alongside her freelance work, Christina is a proud team member of local agency, Barton Creative Co., where she works as a Brand Specialist. She designs with community in mind, forging distinctive, hand-crafted brands for small businesses.

Find it in the Municipal Calendar: May
Traffic Box: View the That's a Wrap Map

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Two people playing hockey on Lake Scugog

Game on at Lake Scugog
By Astrid Hood

Astrid Hood is a local artist from the Lake Scugog area in Kawartha Lakes, Ontario. All her creations are original, hand-painted and unique.
She has a degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Guelph and worked professionally as a Landscape Architect for many years. She has experience in landscape design, conservation planning, as well as wildlife and landscape drawings, home portraits and more.

Now officially retired, Astrid having been living in the Kawartha Lakes community on Washburn Island since 2013 on the shores of Lake Scugog can dedicate her love of the outdoors full time. Inspired by a personal photo taken in front of their home of her son and grandson playing pick up hockey on a hand shoveled portion of the frozen lake, she created this acrylic painting on canvas

Find it in the Municipal Calendar: March
Traffic Box: View the That's a Wrap Map

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Canoe in the water

Visiting an Old Friend
By Kelly Whyte

Kelly Whyte enjoys exploring the beautiful landscape of the Kawartha Lakes. What better way to capture all the glory of a sunrise, sunset or gentle evening calm than by canoe. Whyte owns a studio in Bobcaygeon where she transforms her experiences into oil paintings. Her bold and colourful style takes the viewer to memories of time spent on the gorgeous lakes found in the Kawartha Lakes.

The original oil painting titled, Visiting An Old Friend, was created from one of Kelly’s most recent canoe trips.

Find it in the Municipal Calendar: November
Traffic Box: View the That's a Wrap Map

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painting of sailboats

Race to the Finish Line
By Judy Maechtel

I have completed quite a number of pieces featuring sailboats and love the interaction of machine and water and sky.

This piece is called "Race to the Finish Line" and depicts the final moments of a fast paced regatta.
My medium is acrylic paints using palette knife on stretched canvas. It measures 24 x 30 and depicts the energy and determination of competition on the water.

Find it in the Municipal Calendar: June

abstract painting

By Lena Shugar

Lena’s unusual life and travel experience have a direct impact on her creativity and what she relates onto her canvas.

The originality, interpretation, and her consistency of her bold and vibrant colour evokes the need for further exploration.

Shortly after arriving in Canada, she began studying under renowed Canadian artist Doris McCarthy. These studies have contributed to her success as the Head of CIL Colour Studio. As teacher she developed innovative techniques to develop the talent of her students and freeing them from the constraints of traditional pedagogy. Her art has been published on magazine covers, wine labels and commissioned work. Her paintings have been seen in Sweden , England, Israel, USA and Canada. Lena works from her studio in Balsam Lake.

Find it in the Municipal Calendar: April

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Painting of person dancing on piano

Lovin the Limelight
By Joy McCallister

Born in Nova Scotia, Joy McCallister now lives in Kirkfield. Her passion for dance, music, and nature are her primary art inspirations. For many years, she experimented with a variety of art mediums before she discovered her preference for abstract realism imposed on intimate views of nature. Joy feels painting is like dancing with a brush, and this often leads to movement and rhythm in her artwork. She is drawn to using vibrant colours and telling a story with her art, or at least expressing the quirkiness of a creative moment.

Find it in the Municipal Calendar: October
Traffic Box: View the That's a Wrap Map

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People skating on the lake
Winter Wonderland
By Darlene Mann

Darlene retired from her dental technology career and made her new home in the beautiful Kawartha Lakes area 9 years ago. Now she has more time to create paintings and small sculptures, embracing nature and wildlife at every opportunity. She has been painting from a very young age, mostly with acrylic , and focusses on fine details.

Find it in the Municipal Calendar: December
Traffic Box: View the That's a Wrap Map

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Painting of a woman 

Mother Earth’s Dance of The Kawartha Lakes 
by Krissi Saulnier

I have been painting and sketching since I was 4 years old. I have many memories of my Dad and I working on numerous projects together, then in later years with my 2 daughters. They too are talented artists. I guess you could say its hereditary.  I call my piece "Mother Earth's Dance of The Kawartha Lakes". It is a mixed style of indigenous and dot painting artwork. I have incorporated as much of life in the Kawarthas as I was able from some of our bountiful crops, beautiful wildlife and my heritage with portraying indigenous dance.

I have, and always will call The Kawartha Lakes my home no matter where life takes me.
I thank you for this incredible opportunity to share my artwork with you. I sincerely hope you enjoy my piece.

Find it in the Municipal Calendar: September
Traffic Box: View the That's a Wrap Map

Artwork of people enjoying different seasonal activities

Scratching the Surface
By Kevin Frank

Kevin Frank is an award-winning author/illustrator who has been creating books, cartoons and illustrations for over 20 years. He wrote and illustrated a middle-grade graphic novel called SCURVY DOGS which was published by Kane Miller in 2016. The sequel, SCURVY DOGS AND THE DINOSAUR BONEYARD, was released in 2019 followed by SCURV DOGS VS MOBY CATFISH in 2021. To date the books have sold over 85,000 copies. Kevin also created a newspaper comic strip for King Features from 2006-2016 which was profiled in the New York Times, and he has freelanced for publishers including Scholastic and the Discovery Channel. Mr. Frank enjoys doing school visits where he describes his road to publication and gives tips for aspiring authors and illustrators. He steals his best ideas from his wife and three children

Find it in the Municipal Calendar: Cover
Traffic Box: View the That's a Wrap Map

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Hot air balloons

Up Up and Away
By Penni Holdham

Upon closing her Toronto-based Design and Decor firm -The Display Connection Inc, Penni moved to Fenelon Falls in 2015. She is a creative talent that applies herself to many different opportunities and outcomes. Her 50' wide Mural - 'Bobcaygeon Constellation' was installed in 2018, at the Kawartha Coffee Cafe in Bobcaygeon requiring in excess of 450 man-hours of painting time.

In 2019- Penni imagined and brought to reality the first-in-Ontario, Seniors Play Park now found at Lloyd Kelly Parkette in Fenelon Falls. Numerous physical therapists are encouraging their patients to utilize this terrific installation that supports Agility, Flexibility, and Mobility at all levels.

The 'Up, Up and Away' sport of Hot Air Ballooning offers exciting imagery while at the same time, reminding us how important our fresh air and beautiful environment is to all of us in the Kawartha Lakes region.

Find it in the Municipal Calendar: July

Find the That's a Wrap traffic control boxes with the That's a Wrap Map:

About the That’s a Wrap Jury

All submissions were judged by the That’s a Wrap art program jury in the following three categories: Artistic Merit, Community Impact and Project Viability. Artwork was given a score between 1 and 5 in each category. The jury’s goal was to find the artwork that best met the theme of the program and would have the best visual impact in the community when it was wrapped around a traffic control box.

The 2023 That’s a Wrap jury consisted of:

  • Bryan Reid, Communications, Advertising and Marketing Officer, City of Kawartha Lakes
  • Councillor Eric Smeaton, Ward 5 Kawartha Lakes City Council
  • Beverly Jeeves, Kawartha Lakes Arts Council
  • Paul Marshall, Art Department Chair, I.E. Weldon Secondary School
About Kawartha Arts Network (KAN)

Kawartha Arts Network logo

Kawartha Arts Network is a not-for-profit artists’ co-operative operating in Kawartha Lakes, Ontario. They are committed to:

  • Finding opportunities for our members to share their work with the public throughout Kawartha Lakes and beyond.
  • Creating an environment that fosters creative thinking and artistic networking.
  • Offering opportunities for artists and the general public to participate in educational workshops and networking /sharing opportunities.
  • Encouraging the youth of our community to get involved in the arts.

Members have a wide variety of exhibition options with KAN throughout the year. Some of these include an on-going and ever-changing display in the Guild Room of the Academy Theatre in Lindsay, participation at outdoor shows such as Kawartha Palooza and the “Made in Kawartha Lakes” art/artisan show and sale which is sponsored by the Kawartha Lakes Arts Council.

About the Installer
The 2024 That's a Wrap traffic control boxes were wrapped by local company Auto Trim & Signs. A big thank you goes out to them for their work on the project, we couldn't have done it without their expertise!

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