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That's a Wrap

Kawartha Lakes, in collaboration with Kawartha Arts Network, launched the That’s a Wrap art program this summer. This year’s theme was Nature & Outdoors in Kawartha Lakes.

The goal of the program was to enliven our downtown landscapes with eye-popping artwork that captures and displays the individual and collective experiences of our community on traffic control boxes around the municipality.

In July, Kawartha Lakes put out a Call for Submissions to local artists for the program and we received over 30 entries. Nine submissions were chosen for traffic box control wrapping, and three more were chosen to join the first nine as the monthly artwork in the upcoming 2023 Municipal Calendar.

Please note that only nine of the twelve successful submissions below were chosen for traffic box wrapping. The nine that were chosen to be wrapped are indicated by the “Traffic Box: View the That's a Wrap Map” line. All twelve of the below images were used as indicated in the 2023 Municipal Calendar.

The That's a Wrap art program will return in 2023. Subscribe to our Newsroom, and/or follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date on all of the latest That's a Wrap news and to ensure that you don't miss out on any future announcements regarding next year's intake!

Without further adieu, please see the chosen submissions for this year's That's a Wrap art program:

painting of wildlife and plants on a river bank
Some Wildlife
By Donna Bisschop

Donna Bisschop has made Kawartha Lakes her home for over a decade, with art projects ranging from murals to stain glass design work and fine art as part of her connection to community and nature. Donna's studio in Fenelon Falls, at 18 Murray Street is open by appointment or chance.

Find it in the Municipal Calendar: Cover Art & April
Traffic Box: View the That's a Wrap Map

View more of Donna's work here


Walking path through a fall forest with mist or fog coming up from the ground
Autumn Mist on the Farm
By Kelly Whyte

A recently retired educator of 30 years, Kelly’s vision is to pursue her passion for painting local landscapes from the Kawartha Lakes and surrounding area. Her recently built studio, Rapley Fields Art Studio, is where Whyte creates bold, rich colourful oil paintings that invite the viewer into her story. She continues to experiment with a variety of mediums and learn from other local artists. You will find Kelly in her studio most days, painting and listening to jazz music. She lovingly refers to her studio as Shangri-la.

Find it in the Municipal Calendar: November

View more of Kelly's work here

Painting of snow in a winter forest

Winter Reflection
By Rhonda Laursen

From a journey of self-directed experimentation and a quest for technical and expressive excellence by learning from other professional artists;  Rhonda’s inspiration comes from the out of doors. She is a resident of Kawartha Lakes and a member of the Kawartha Lakes Art Council and Kawartha Art Gallery.

Find it in the Municipal Calendar: January
TTraffic Box: View the That's a Wrap Map

View more of Rhonda's work here

Painting of a child at a swimming class in a rec centre pool

Forever Young

By Lindsay Erdman

A visual artist, musician and writer; Lindsay's most recent work was based in Coboconk, Ontario where she hosted a variety of workshops, gallery exhibitions and art events for local residents and visitors to the area. Her work is inspired by the moments in life she chooses to remember.

Find it in the Municipal Calendar: February
Traffic Box: View the That's a Wrap Map

View more of Lindsay's work here

Painting of a path through the trees in the fall

Autumn Walk
By Christine Wood

Christine Wood is a longtime City of Kawartha Lakes resident and started seriously painting during the pandemic. Her love of landscapes in the area is shown through her art as she recreates the landscape through brilliant colors. She’s inspired by nature around her home and we are reminded of the ever-changing seasons here in Ontario.

Find it in the Municipal Calendar: September
Traffic Box: View the That's a Wrap Map

View more of Christine's work here

hand drawing of an owl

By Karen Szostak

I live in Little Britain and have spent 17 years in the Kawarthas. I am married with 2 sons. I am retired and spend time volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kawartha Lakes-Haliburton. I have always been a ‘crafty girl’ and decided to challenge myself with painting.

Find it in the Municipal Calendar: March
Traffic Box: View the That's a Wrap Map

View more of Karen's work here

painting of people canoing on a lake in the Fall

Thanksgiving at the Lake
By C. Joy McCallister

Born in Nova Scotia, Joy McCallister now lives in Kirkfield. Her art inspirations are her passion for dance, music, and nature. Joy experimented with various mediums before discovering her preference for abstract realism imposed on intimate views of nature. Painting is like dancing with a brush, so movement and rhythm often enter her work with vibrant colours.

Find it in the Municipal Calendar: October
Traffic Box: View the That's a Wrap Map

Painting of a night sky filled with stars and viewed from a forest at night

By Karen Richardson

Karen Richardson is a veteran professional landscape painter of peaceful Canadian scenery, a popular painting instructor, and author of an award-winning art instruction book, Watercolour Toolbox: Essentials for Painting Success. Karen’s artwork is enjoyed by art collectors in 22 countries and her painting studio overlooks peaceful farm fields in Lindsay.

Find it in the Municipal Calendar: December
Traffic Box: View the That's a Wrap Map

View more of Karen's work here

painting from a kayakers perspective as they kayak on Burnt River

Burnt River Kayaking
By Lorraine Wagner

Painting both in watercolour and acrylic paints, my work draws from the time spent in my kayak and hiking through our beautiful Kawartha area. I hope my paintings encourage people to get out and enjoy everything Kawartha Lakes has to offer.

Find it in the Municipal Calendar: June


digital image of a deer family in Ken Reid Park

Ken Reid Family
By Wren Kellar

My name is Wren Kellar, and I am a 19 year old non-binary artist. I was born and raised in Lindsay in the City of Kawartha Lakes. From a young age I enjoyed both art and the outdoors, and the piece I created encapsulates both of these passions.

Find it in the Municipal Calendar: August
Traffic Box: View the That's a Wrap Map

View more of Wren's work here

digital image of a person fishing at night under a cloudy yet starry sky 

Fish Hog Lake
By Megan Henderson

My interest in art started at a young age thanks to my mom, and growing up in Kawartha Lakes. Here we were always surrounded by the beauty of both art and nature; which has always been a large inspiration in my work.

Find it in the Municipal Calendar: July
Traffic Box: View the That's a Wrap Map

View more of Megan's work here

Painting of Nayoro Park in Lindsay

Frolicking at Nayoro Park
By Joan Forsythe

After a long career in Toronto as a professional interior designer, Joan moved to Kawartha Lakes 4 years ago with her family. She paints, often abstracts, and is a member of the Kawartha Arts Network (KAN). She also writes and is the Moderator of the Circle of Writers. Joan enjoys Lindsay and lives with their marvelous Golden Retriever, Theo. Theo was the inspiration for Frolicking in Nayoro Park.

Find it in the Municipal Calendar: May

Find the That's a Wrap traffic control boxes with the That's a Wrap Map:

About the That’s a Wrap Jury

All submissions were judged by the That’s a Wrap art program jury in the following three categories: Artistic Merit, Community Impact and Project Viability. Artwork was given a score between 1 and 5 in each category. The jury’s goal was to find the artwork that best met the theme of the program and would have the best visual impact in the community when it was wrapped around a traffic control box.

The 2022 That’s a Wrap jury consisted of:

  • Lesley Drummond, Director of the Kawartha Arts Network
  • Christina Dedes, Kawartha Lakes Art Council representative
  • Leah Barrie, Manager of Planning, Development Services, City of Kawartha Lakes
  • Bryan Reid, Communications, Advertising and Marketing Officer, City of Kawartha Lakes
About Kawartha Arts Network (KAN)

Kawartha Arts Network logo

Kawartha Arts Network is a not-for-profit artists’ co-operative operating in Kawartha Lakes, Ontario. They are committed to:

  • Finding opportunities for our members to share their work with the public throughout Kawartha Lakes and beyond.
  • Creating an environment that fosters creative thinking and artistic networking.
  • Offering opportunities for artists and the general public to participate in educational workshops and networking /sharing opportunities.
  • Encouraging the youth of our community to get involved in the arts.

Members have a wide variety of exhibition options with KAN throughout the year. Some of these include an on-going and ever-changing display in the Guild Room of the Academy Theatre in Lindsay, participation at outdoor shows such as Kawartha Palooza and the “Made in Kawartha Lakes” art/artisan show and sale which is sponsored by the Kawartha Lakes Arts Council.

About the Installer
The 2022 That's a Wrap traffic control boxes were wrapped by local company Auto Trim & Signs. A big thank you goes out to them for their work on the project, we couldn't have done it without their expertise!
2023 Municipal Calendar
The 2023 Municipal Calendar is scheduled to be released to the public in the December 8 2022 edition of Kawartha Lakes This Week. The Municipal Calendar will also be available for pick-up at Municipal Service Centres and Libraries across the municipality.

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