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Reports, Studies and Plans

The City of Kawartha Lakes develops plans and completes reports and studies to improve and support our community. These documents provide our staff with goals as well as actions to achieve those goals.

Read the City of Kawartha Lakes Strategic Plan

Staff reports

Our team creates reports as a method of communication between staff and City Council, senior administration, agencies and the public. These reports provide vital information and recommendations to City Council. The reports help ensure that Council and the public have the best information on which to base decisions. Council has authority to adopt resolutions and pass by-laws, providing direction to staff to implement. Please visit the Council Meeting Agenda Packages Page for staff reports presented to City Council


The Budget and Business Plan, 10-Year Financial Plan 2018-2027 and 2022 Asset Management Plan are available on our Budget and Finance page.

Municipal Housing Pledge

Municipal Housing Pledge - accessible PDF

Community Safety and Well-Being Plan

Community Safety and Well-Being Plan - accessible PDF

Destination Development Plan
2020-2025 Kawartha Lakes Tourism Destination Development Plan - accessible PDF
Community Improvement Plan (CIP)
Kawartha Lakes Strategic Community Improvement Plan (CIP).

Other plans may be available by visiting the department or division page directly.

Master Plans

Fire Master Plan

Master Fire Plan - accessible PDF

 Transit Master Plan


 Transit Master Plan - accessible PDF

Municipal Accessibility Master Plan

Municipal Accessibility Master Plan - accessible PDF

Roads Depot Master Plan


Roads Depot Master Plan - accessible PDF

Housing and Homelessness Plan

Housing and Homelessness Plan (2020-2029) 
- accessible PDF

From Housing Assets to Housing People Master Plan (2019-2041) - accessible PDF

Healthy Environment Plan 

Healthy Environment Plan - accessible PDF

Healthy Environment Plan - full accessible report in PDF


 Corporate Communications Strategy


Corporate Communications Strategy 2024 to 2027 - download PDF


 People Strategy


People Strategy - accessible PDF

 Economic Development Strategy

Economic Development - accessible PDF

Growth Management Strategy

Accessible versions are available upon request, please contact Planning and Development at or 705-924-9411 extension 1231.


Growth Management Strategy Volume 1


Growth Management Strategy volume 2 - Municipal Servicing Assessment


Growth Management Strategy Volume 3 - Transportation Master Plan


 Growth Management Strategy Volume 4 - Solid Waste Management Master Plan Update


 Growth Management Strategy Volume 5 - Consultation Report


 Customer Service Standards Strategy


Customer Service Standards - accessible PDF


 Fleet and Transit Review
 Kawartha Lakes Fleet and Transit Services Review
Fire Services Modernization Review

About the Fire Services Modernization Review

An independent review was conducted in 2021 and finalized in early 2022, intended to:

  • Provide supplementary information to the recent Master Fire Plan development;
  • Review and benchmark budgets and investment in the service, particularly staffing, fleet and equipment; and
  • Identify changes affecting the Fire Service in recent years, including the COVID-19 pandemic, legislation, service standards and community growth.


The Fire Services Modernization Review was conducted by Performance Concepts and leveraged provincial grant funds for modernization of municipal services.


The Review consulted with the following groups:

  • Kawartha Lakes Fire Service senior management team
  • City CAO, Treasurer and Asset Management staff
  • Executive members of both the Kawartha Lakes Professional Firefighters Association, Local 1701 (full-time firefighters) and the Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 5453 (volunteer firefighters)
  • Fire Protection Survey Services, a major property insurance underwriter
  • Kawartha Lakes Police Services (fire dispatch)
  • Lindsay Central Ambulance Communications Centre

The consultant benchmarked the Kawartha Lakes Fire Service to other similar single tier, composite fire services.


Current state

Kawartha Lakes Fire Service is unique based on the expansive geography it serves, its mix of urban/rural communities and its sparse overall population.

The Review notes, “Economies of scale enjoyed by most Ontario city fire departments are not available. In fact, diseconomies of scale are unavoidable. A sprawling network of Fire stations and apparatus is required to provide acceptable coverage across the 24 communities spread across Kawartha Lakes. Kawartha Lakes Fire currently features 19 stations and more than 40 pumpers and tankers and other fire apparatus in its fleet.”


Future outlook

Population growth of almost 14 percent is forecast over the next decade. This growth is fueled in part by the pandemic and the desire to move to the space and lifestyle afforded in Kawartha Lakes. Much of the growth will be concentrated in Lindsay, and will add additional pressures for the Fire Service to meet the community’s needs.


Focus Areas

The Review made recommendations to full time staffing of the Lindsay Station, volunteer firefighter staffing fleet, training, health and safety and reporting.


Review aligns with Master Fire Plan

The Master Fire Plan, completed in 2020, sets out future considerations to meet growth, maintain provincial requirements and maintain fleet and assets over the next 10 years. Many of the recommendations in the Master Fire Plan are supported by the Modernization Review. The Review highlighted the “pandemic effect” to our service, accelerating certain needs and delaying recruitment efforts.



Fire Services Modernization Review - accessible PDF

Network Modernization Report

Network Modernization Report - accessible PDF

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