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Children's Services

We are committed to providing programs and services that:

  • foster early learning and child development
  • support children being cared for in a safe, nurturing environment
  • support the inclusion of children with special needs in licensed child care
  • enable parents to work or undertake training or education leading to employment
  • provide linkages to other support services

What type of care is right for my child?

Parents can choose from licensed centre-based care, licensed home-based care, informal child care (unlicensed) or an accredited recreation program.

Licensed child care

Licensed child care programs are offered in homes and in centres. They are licensed by the Ministry of Education and must meet specific provincial standards providing for the health, safety and developmental needs of children.

Informal child care (unlicensed)

Informal child care arrangements are made between the parents and a caregiver, such as a neighbour, relative or friend. Informal caregivers are not regulated, meaning they are neither licensed nor inspected. As a result, they are not required to meet provincial standards. It is up to parents to research, choose and monitor their child care arrangements. Child care subsidies are not available for informal care. The Ministry of Education provides a registry of reported unlicensed child care violations

What if I can't afford child care?

Families may be eligible for financial assistance to help pay child care fees.

What support is available for my child with special needs?

Community agencies throughout Kawartha Lakes and the County of Haliburton provide services for children with special needs

What is the Early Learning Quality Initiative?

The Early Learning Quality Initiative promotes professional development and high quality early learning programs within Kawartha Lakes and the County of Haliburton. 

Information for service providers

Our child care and early learning providers page provides information about funding opportunities and how to apply for a Purchase of Service Agreement as well as professional resources.

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