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Strong Mayor Powers, Duties and Decisions

Effective November 1, 2023, the Province announced that Strong Mayor Powers will be extended beyond Toronto and Ottawa to 45 total municipalities – Kawartha Lakes included. These changes are being put in place to support the Province’s priority and commitment to increasing the housing supply by 1.5 million homes by December 31, 2031.

Strong mayor powers offer resources to heads of council to accelerate the implementation of key shared municipal-provincial priorities such as housing, transit, and infrastructure.

Strong Mayor Powers and Duties

The Mayor has special powers and duties under Part VI.1 of the Municipal Act, 2001.

These include powers to:

  • Appoint and dismiss the Chief Administrative Officer;
  • Hire and dismiss various division heads (excluding the prescribed list);
  • Establish prescribed committees of Council, assign their functions, and appoint the Chairs and Vice Chairs of committees of Council;
    • A prescribed committee consists solely of members of Council;
  • Propose the Municipality’s annual budget subject to Council amendments, a Mayoral veto, and a Council override process;
    • Budget shall be prepared on or before February 1. If not, Council shall prepare and adopt the budget;
  • Submit matters for Council’s consideration, or veto by-laws, if the Mayor believes it will advance a prescribed Provincial Priority; and
  • Direct Municipal Staff in writing.

The Mayor is required to exercise these powers in writing and make them available to the public, subject to the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Mayoral decisions are available online.

The powers and duties of the Mayor are further described in O. Reg. 530/22 and O. Reg. 580/22.

Mayoral Decisions and Directives

As Mayoral Decisions and Directives are issued by the Mayor of Kawartha Lakes, they will be listed and attached below:

2023 Mayoral Decisions and Directives
2024 Mayoral Decision and Directives

No written Mayoral or Directives for 2024 have been issued yet.

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