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Heritage Permitting

Heritage Permitting: Learn more about submitting a permit application and access resources

Owners of designated properties, both individually designated and those located in Heritage Conservation Districts, are required to submit an application for a heritage permit prior to making changes to their property. The purpose of the heritage permit process is to ensure any changes are compatible with the heritage character of the property or district.

Our Heritage Permitting Guidelines outline the process for applying for a heritage permit as well as what changes do and do not require a permit. You are encouraged to meet with staff prior to submitting an application to discuss your proposed project. When you are ready to submit your permit application, use our Heritage Permit Application form.

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Emily Turner

Economic Development Officer - Heritage Planning
705-324-9411 extension 1366

Submission Info:

Permit applications may be submitted in hard copy or electronically to

Heritage Resources

Heritage Building brick

Colour Palette

Kawartha Lakes does not require property owners to paint their buildings specific colours and you are not required to get a permit to paint your building, unless you are intending to paint unpainted brick. Please see our Heritage Permitting Guidelines for our recommended colour palette for historic properties. You are encouraged, but not required, to use this colour palette to help maintain the historic character of your building.
If you are intending to remove paint from brick, please contact the Economic Development Officer - Heritage Planning to discuss methods and best practices to ensure the longevity of your brick.

Exterior heritage building

Sign Guidelines

Businesses located in individually designated properties and heritage conservation districts, including Downtown Lindsay, are required to follow our sign guidelines found in the Heritage Permitting Guidelines and receive a heritage permit before installing your new sign. You must apply for and receive both a heritage permit, using the Heritage Permit Application form, and a Sign Permit from our Building Department prior to installing new signage.

Exterior heritage building

Heritage Applications Policy

The City's approach to heritage applications is guided by our Council adopted Heritage Applications Policy (CP2021-040). This policy provides high level guidance to City staff, the Municipal Heritage Committee and Council regarding the receipt and processing of various types of heritage applications received by the City.

Exterior old Fenelon Falls Brewery Building

Heritage Permitting FAQs

Unsure as to whether or not you need a heritage permit or where to start on your application? Our Heritage Permitting Guidelines walk you through how the application process works, when you need a heritage permit and additional guidance you might need to know as you plan your project.

Exterior of a heritage property

Heritage Impact Assessments

A Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA) is a study to determine the impact of a proposed development on a heritage property and recommend strategies to mitigate the impacts of new development on the property's cultural heritage value.

An HIA may be required when a proposed development has the potential to impact a heritage property. HIAs should be prepared in accordance with the City's Heritage Impact Assessment Terms of Reference.

Exterior of the Emily Road Cemetary

Cultural Heritage Evaluation Reports

A Cultural Heritage Evaluation Report is a study to determine if a site has cultural heritage value and are important tools to help identify and evaluate heritage properties in the community which may have historic value.

A CHER may be required when a proposed development includes a historic property which has not yet been evaluated for its heritage value. CHERs should be prepared in accordance with the City's Cultural Heritage Evaluation Report Terms of Reference.

Resources for Property Owners

We offer a range of resources to assist property owners in the conservation of their heritage properties.

Heritage Contractors

The City maintains a database of local and regional contractors and tradespeople who work on heritage properties. Please be aware that this list is a resource only and does not constitute endorsement of any particular individual or business.
If you are a local contractor or trades-person with experience on heritage properties and would like to be added to this list, please contact our office.

Standards and Guidelines

The Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada is a federal document that outlines best practices in heritage conservation. It was developed by Parks Canada to provide practical and helpful advice for approaching heritage conservation projects.

Canadian Register of Historic Places

The Canadian Register of Historic Places in an online database of historic sites across Canada.

Ontario Heritage Trust

The Ontario Heritage Trust is the provincial body that protects and promotes heritage in Ontario. The Trust provides important resources relating to heritage conservation, including a database of designated properties and conservation advice. It also owns and runs a number of historic sites in Ontario and organizes various events related to our history in the province.

National Trust for Canada

The National Trust for Canada is a national organization dedicated to the promotion and preservation of historic sites across the country. It provides education, advocacy, resources and support for Canadian historic sites.

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Heritage property plaque on a brick building
Heritage Inventory Project
Our historic places define our communities, tell our stories, and provide opportunities for the future. The City is undertaking a comprehensive inventory of its historic places, buildings, and landscapes through identifying and documenting the many heritage resources in our communities to understand what resources are present, their significance, and how best to preserve them.
Sturgeon Point Church
Heritage Designation
We conserve our heritage resources through heritage designation. Designation recognizes and celebrates important historic properties in Kawartha Lakes and helps manage change to ensure that the important buildings in our communities retain their historic character.
Boyd Museum Outside on a sunny spring or summer day
Heritage Outreach
Step back in time and experience the rich tapestry of heritage in Kawartha Lakes by getting involved with an event, workshop, or award presentation. Join us as we celebrate the heritage organizations in our communities dedicated to conserving and displaying the artifacts and archives that tell the rich story of our heritage.

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