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Planning and Development

The Planning Division is responsible for the administration, review and processing of development applications submitted under the Planning Act, and prepares various Agreements and By-laws. We administer the City’s Official Plan and Secondary Plans, manage growth, and lead other policy initiatives.

Have a question for our Team? Here's how we can help:

Our offices are located at 180 Kent Street West. ‘Drop in’ appointments are not available while the second floor remains closed to public access. You are welcome to schedule an appointment to meet with us.

  • Schedule an Appointment:
    • In person - Call us to make arrangements to pre-book a session with the appropriate member of our Team. In-person appointments are subject to meeting space and staff availability, in accordance with municipal procedures.
    • By Zoom - Call us to make arrangements to pre-book a session with the appropriate member of our Team.

Have a development application that requires commissioning service? Please visit our Commissioner of Oaths webpage for more details on how we can help. This service is also offered at your local MP and MPP office:

  • Jamie Schmale MP Constituency Office:
    • 68 McLaughlin Road, Lindsay ON
    • 705 324 2400
  • Laurie Scott MPP Constituency Office:
    • 14 Lindsay Street North, Lindsay ON
    • 705 324 6654

View Electronic Public Hearings

The general public and the media can view the Planning Advisory Committee webcast through the City of Kawartha Lakes livestream.

Participate in Electronic Public Hearings

The City of Kawartha Lakes City Hall is temporarily closed to the public to help stop the spread of COVID-19. While the public is not able to attend Planning Advisory Committee meetings in-person, there are several ways in which the general public can provide submissions to the Members of the Planning Advisory Committee.

Submit comments in writing: Submit comments in writing to the City of Kawartha Lakes, Clerk’s Office, 26 Francis Street, P.O. Box 9000, Lindsay, Ontario, K9V 5R8, prior to this meeting or by email to Comments received by 4:00 p.m. the day before the meeting will be provided to Members of the Planning Advisory Committee prior to the meeting.

Register to speak at the Planning Advisory Committee Meeting via electronic participation:  Should you wish to speak at the Planning Advisory Committee meeting, please email Clerk’s Office at Please include:

  • your name (first and last);
  • email address in order to send you an invite to participate in the meeting via Zoom which allows for participation by computer, mobile device or telephone;
  • which item on the agenda you wish to address; and,
  • any visual materials such as pictures or a PowerPoint presentation.


Notwithstanding the deadlines noted above, members of the public are requested to register as soon as possible in order to facilitate an orderly registration process and meeting.


Members of the public are encouraged to email written comments to prior to the meeting even if they choose to register to speak at the meeting via electronic participation in order for the Planning Advisory Committee Members to have their comments in the event they are not successful in joining the electronic meeting.

 Electronic Participation for Persons Wishing to Make Representations

Upon receipt of your request to speak at the meeting, you will be provided the Zoom meeting details and password prior to the meeting, including a link to educational resources for those who may be new to using Zoom.

Please note that neither a computer, nor a video sharing device, is required to participate in the meeting via Zoom. You may also opt to call in from a cell or landline. A call-in number will be provided in the email invite for this purpose.

Persons who intend to participate during the meeting may wish to register/sign up in Zoom if they have not already done so. The following information is provided for your consideration and guidance during remote participation in the meeting:

  • As screen-sharing will not be enabled for participants during this meeting, those persons who wish to provide a visual presentation (PowerPoint or other) must email it to The Clerk who is moderating the meeting will share your presentation from his/her screen as you speak. Therefore, in order to allow sufficient time for set-up and testing in advance of the meeting start time, those who wish to provide visual presentations are required to register to speak and provide those materials to the Clerk’s Office prior to 4:00 p.m. the day before the meeting.
  • When you join the meeting, either by phone or online, you will be admitted in as an attendee. You will not be greeted upon joining the call. You will be able to hear the meeting and see the active speaker (if you have video capability), but your microphone will be muted until it is your turn to speak.
  • You may also follow along on livestream until you are called upon to speak (a separate device is best if you are calling on a cell), but you must mute that feed when you are called on to speak in order to prevent feedback. Please note there may be a 5 to 30 second delay between the live meeting and what you see on livestream.
  • If you join the Zoom meeting through your phone, please do not put the phone on hold at any time, as this will result in broadcasting “hold music” online once your microphone function is unmuted.
  • To optimize call quality when using a laptop, a headset with microphone is best if available to you; otherwise, whether using your laptop microphone or cell phone, please speak directly into the receiver and do not use speaker phone.
  • If you are having technical difficulties with respect to gaining access to Zoom during the meeting, you may contact the Clerk’s Office via email at or call at 705-324-9411 ext. 1322 or ext. 1266. Please be advised that the City has limited resources available and is not able to diagnose or address technical issues with your hardware or internet connection.
  • Please be reminded that the meeting will be live streamed and archived to the livestream. If you enable your camera, you will appear to meeting participants and on the livestream.
  • Please do not share the Zoom meeting details with anyone or post through social media. These details are restricted to Members of Planning Advisory Committee, specifically designated staff, applicants or their representatives and persons that have made a request to speak. All others will be able to watch and listen to the meeting on the City of Kawartha Lakes livestream.
  • Public delegations will be provided five (5) minutes in which to make their comments once called upon to speak by the Committee Chair. Questioning of / debate with the members or staff is not permitted. If you have questions, you may state them during your five minutes. Your comments must be directly related to the content of the report(s) to which you are speaking. The Committee Members may choose to ask you follow-up questions following your remarks, comment, or ask staff to respond to what you have said.
  • You are encouraged to send written comments for the Planning Advisory Committee’s consideration in addition to your oral presentation to

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit a planning inquiry?

Send an email to the Planning Division and a Planner will be in touch with you within two business days.

We require a valid address, Assessment Roll Number or a Property Identification Number (PIN) of the property you are inquiring about.

What is the Zoning of my property?

A Zoning By-law establishes and regulates the use of land, its scale and intensity.

To check the zoning of a property in the City of Kawartha Lakes, use the City’s Planning and Property Viewer and review the applicable Zoning By-law text.

Unassumed Subdivisions FAQs

Please read the Unassumed Subdivisions FAQs


Development Applications

The Planning Division is responsible for processing development applications under the Planning Act. We encourage early consultation as a first step through the following streams:

  • Preconsultation
  • Pre-Screening

Application forms and guides are available on the Development Applications page. While we review and update our development Application forms and guides, and notwithstanding the number of copies previously required, please submit the following:

  • One (1) original signed Application form, duly commissioned
  • One (1) copy of the signed, commissioned Application form
  • Two (2) copies of all supplementary information (i.e. Site plan, Sketch, Planning Justification Report, Environmental Impact Study, etc.)
  • An electronic submission containing the above on a USB flash drive, or using a file share service (i.e. ZendTo, etc.)

Development Engineering

Find our Development Engineering resources (standards, guidelines, and templates) on the Development Engineering page.


Official Plans and Secondary Plans

City of Kawartha Lakes Official Plan 

The Official Plan is created with public input and guides the use of land in Kawartha Lakes. The City of Kawartha Lakes Official Plan:

  • tells us where new housing, industry, offices and shops will go
  • identifies land that needs protection from development
  • helps us plan for services like roads, watermains, sewers, parks and schools that will be needed in the future
  • describes when and in what order parts of your community will grow

On January 11, 2012, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (“MMAH”) approved the City of Kawartha Lakes Official Plan, 2012 with modifications. Shortly after that, a number of appeals were launched with the Ontario Municipal Board (now the Ontario Land Tribunal) by various third parties. Although the majority of the City’s 2012 Official Plan came into force and effect when the only whole-plan appeal was withdrawn on June 8, 2012, various sections of the City’s Plan continued to be under appeal.

In addition, between 2015 and 2017, the City adopted amendments to its 2012 Official Plan (OPAs 13-18) to provide specific policy direction for growth within its Urban Settlement Areas. These amendments sought to create Secondary Plans for the Bobcaygeon, Fenelon Falls, Lindsay, Omemee, and Woodville communities, which would be incorporated into the City’s 2012 Official Plan. These amendments were also appealed.

The Ontario Land Tribunal and its predecessors (‘Tribunal’) has been processing the appeals over the last several years. The Tribunal decisions flowing from those proceedings have resulted in modifications to the City’s 2012 Official Plan.  Most recently, the Tribunal has issued Decisions:

  • On June 14, 2021, approving modifications to the City’s Official Plan as set out in draft Orders #1 and #2;
  • On March 10, 2022, approving modifications to the General Amendment (OPA 13) to the City’s Official Plan as set out in draft Orders #3 and #4; and,
  • On July 17, 2023, approving modifications to the Secondary Plan for Lindsay (OPA 16) as set out in draft Order #5. In accordance with that Decision, the Lindsay Secondary Plan will not come into effect until such time as the Minister repeals the Town of Lindsay Official Plan, as the Secondary Plan is intended to replace the current planning regime for the Lindsay community, which dates back to 2000. The City has written to the Minister to request the repeal and is awaiting a response.

The above is not a comprehensive list of Tribunal decisions. For a complete list of Tribunal decisions pertaining to the appeals of the City’s 2012 Official Plan, including various amendments to it, interested individuals are directed to the Tribunal’s website and records.

The Secondary Plans for Bobcaygeon (OPA 14), Omemee (OPA 17) and Woodville (OPA 18); and, specific policies for Aggregate operations remain under appeal. The only remaining appeal of the Secondary Plan for Fenelon Falls (OPA 15) was withdrawn on July 31, 2023. As a result, the Fenelon Falls Secondary Plan is now in effect.

A consolidation of the City’s Official Plan is underway, and includes the following:

  • In-effect Secondary Plan for Fenelon Falls (OPA 15)
  • Tribunal-approved modifications to the General Amendment (OPA 13)
  • Tribunal-approved modifications to the City’s Official Plan
  • Proponent-initiated site-specific amendments since 2012
  • City-initiated policy amendments since 2012

The consolidated Official Plan will be published on completion in Fall 2023. The Tribunal-approved modifications to the Secondary Plan for Lindsay (OPA 16) will be incorporated pending the Minister’s decision on the repeal request noted above.

A decision was made by the Tribunal on March 2, 2022 which has the effect of amending the Urban Settlement Boundaries.

Lindsay Official Plan – pending repeal by the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing

Fenelon Falls Official Plan – pending repeal by the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing

Oak Ridges Moraine Official Plan

Secondary Plans

Secondary Plans are more detailed land use plans prepared for five settlement areas: Bobcaygeon, Fenelon Falls, Lindsay, Omemee, and Woodville.

Please be advised that the Secondary Plans listed below have been appealed to the Ontario Land Tribunal and are currently not in effect.


  • Lindsay Secondary Plan
  • Lindsay Land Use Schedule
  • Lindsay Environmental Constraint Mapping
  • Lindsay Transportation Mapping


  • Bobcaygeon Secondary Plan
  • Bobcaygeon Land Use Schedule
  • Bobcaygeon Environmental Constraint Mapping
  • Bobcaygeon Transportation Mapping


  • Omemee Secondary Plan

  • Omemee Land Use Schedule

  • Omemee Environmental Constraint Mapping

  • Omemee Transportation Mapping


Fenelon Falls - Please be advised that the appeals of the Fenelon Falls Secondary Plan have been withdrawn, and the Fenelon Falls Secondary Plan is currently in effect.

General Amendments to the City of Kawartha Lakes Official Plan Amendment Number 13

  • General Amendments as adopted by Council By-law 2017-141 on June 27, 2017 – appealed to Tribunal

  • Tribunal-approved modifications to the General Amendment (Amendment Number 13) through Tribunal Decisions dated June 14, 2021 and March 10, 2022 as set out in draft Orders #1, #2, #3, and #4

Planning Fees

The Planning Division processes all land use applications under the Planning Act and related inquiries.

The tables below reflect frequently sought applications and inquiries; for complete details and applicable fees not included below please refer to the City’s Consolidated Fees By-Law 2018-234:

Development Inquiry Applications
Application Type2024 Fee




Consent Potential Inquiry



Zoning Compliance Letter



Zoning Compliance Letter (Rush)



Written Response to Property Inquiry



Planning Act Applications
Application Type*
2024 Fee

Consent for lot creation, lot retention

Base Fee plus Advertising Fee

$2,000 + $238


Plus Fee for each additional lot


Consent for boundary adjustment

Base Fee plus Advertising Fee

$2,000 + $238


Plus Fee for each additional boundary adjustment


Consent for easement, charge, lease, right-of-way, correction of title, validation of title

Base Fee plus Advertising Fee

$1,200 + $238


Plus Fee for each additional easement, etc.


Minor Variance

Base Fee plus Advertising Fee

$1,300 + $250

Zoning By-law Amendment

(excludes additional applicable fees per unit / by area)

Minor plus Advertising Fee

$10,000 + $475

Major plus Advertising Fee

$17,000 + $475

If required as a condition of Consent

$1,250 + $475

If required to remove ‘Holding’ provision with supporting studies to be reviewed


If required to remove ‘Holding’ provision with no supporting studies to be reviewed


Official Plan Amendment

Minor plus Advertising Fee

$15,000 + $475

Major plus Advertising Fee (excludes applications for aggregate operations)

$30,000 + $475

*Other applicable fees may include: advertising, Certificate stamping fee, registration, legal, preparation of agreements; applications for renewable energy and telecommunications, final approvals, combined applications; review, permit and licence fees for various items including sewage systems, pools, additional residential units, patios; conservation authority fees; cash-in-lieu of parkland dedication fee; and other administrative fees.

Provincial Plans and Legislation

The Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and the Ministry of Housing is responsible for provincial land use planning and policy development in Ontario. The Planning Act establishes the rules and processes for land use planning and describes how land uses may be controlled, changed, and how these decisions are made.

Other relevant legislation includes:

Zoning By-Laws

Zoning By-laws govern the detailed use of land, the placement and size of building and structures, and other matters such as parking, loading, and landscaping. The City has 19 zoning by-laws that cover the City of Kawartha Lakes.

 Fenelon Falls
 Fenelon Township
 Laxton, Digby, and Longford
 Oak Ridges Moraine
 Sturgeon Point

Current Planning Initiatives

Current Development Applications

Notice of public meetings regarding development applications will be posted on the notices section of our website.

You can view a schedule of upcoming Council and Planning Committee meetings and associated documents on our Council and Committee Calendar.

Additional Residential Units

The Province has made amendments to the Planning Act through Bill 108/Regulation 299 to allow Additional Residential Units (ARUs) on eligible properties, replacing the legislation authorizing Second Units. The amendment has the effect of allowing up to 2 ARUs for every primary residential unit, where one ARU may be attached to the primary residential unit, and one ARU may be in a detached, accessory building to the primary residential unit. Eligible primary dwelling units include a single detached, semi-detached or townhouse.

At the December 15, 2020 Council meeting, Council adopted the following By-laws to establish new policies and regulations for ARUs in the City of Kawartha Lakes.

Aggregate Policy Review (OPA 11)

Aggregates Policy Review will update the City’s Official Plan mineral aggregate policies through an Official Plan Amendment process (‘OPA 11’).

Cannabis Cultivation and Processing Regulations

At the May 18, 2021, City Council Meeting, amendments introducing Cannabis Production and Processing across 18 of the City's Zoning By-laws were adopted. The effect of these amendments is the permitting of Cannabis Production and Processing in Agricultural and Industrial Zones. Subject to meeting specific conditions and obtaining Site Plan approval, operators licensed by Health Canada will be permitted to grow and process cannabis in the City.

The amendments include new definitions and setbacks from sensitive land uses.

New definitions include Air Filtration Control, Cannabis and Cannabis Production and Processing, and Sensitive Land Uses.

The aforementioned setbacks are applied to Cannabis Production and Processing facilities to mitigate potential nuisances for neighbouring property owners and sensitive land uses such as residences, recreational areas, and day cares. Facilities are required to locate a prescribed distance away from the property lines of the site on which they are situated. Setback distances are informed by the City of Kawartha Lakes Official Plan and Provincial Guidelines. Cannabis Production and Processing Facilities are also subject to Site Plan Control. Please find the Staff Report and Amending By-law below.


Report PLAN2021-019 - Zoning By-law Amendment for Cannabis Cultivation and Processing

By-law 2021-057 - A By-Law To Amend The Following 18 Zoning By-Laws Within The City Of Kawartha Lakes - Cannabis Production and Processing Facilities


At the July 25, 2023 City Council meeting an administrative housekeeping amendment to Town of Lindsay Zoning By-law 2000-75 was adopted. The effect of this amendment is to accurately reference the industrial zone label ‘General Employment (GE)’. The intent of amending By-law 2021-057 remains unchanged.

Please find the Staff Report and Amending By-law below.


Report PLAN2023-038, Administrative Amendment to Zoning By-law 2000-75

By-Law 2023- A By-law to Amend Zoning By-law 2000-75 to Correct an Administrative Error


For information on cannabis use in the City of Kawartha Lakes, please visit the City's Cannabis webpage.

Comprehensive Zoning By-law Review

 New Zoning By-law Project will consolidate the regulations of the City’s 18 Zoning By-laws.

Growth Management Strategy

The City of Kawartha Lakes is expected to grow to 117,000 people and 39,000 jobs by 2051. To plan for this growth, the City’s Planning Division has commenced a new Growth Management Strategy (GMS). This is the second GMS exercise the City is administering; the City’s first GMS was completed in 2010 and updated in 2011.

The City's new GMS will plan for population growth, housing and employment needs, and coordinate with infrastructure investments to the year 2051. The new GMS establishes a foundation for the forthcoming update of the City’s Official Plan, which is also referred to as the municipal comprehensive review (MCR).

In February 2021, the City awarded the GMS project contract to a consulting team led by Watson & Associates Economists Ltd. in partnership with Dillon Consulting Limited. Council has appointed a GMS Task Force to be established as a resource to help guide this project. A website for the new GMS project has been developed using the City’s online engagement platform Jump In that provides a place where you can learn about the project activities, subscribe to receive project updates, ask questions, and complete surveys sharing your preferences on what you would like more or less of in Kawartha Lakes as well as whether you would like the City to consider your land for future development options.

The project website is now live!

If you’re interested in being part of our ongoing engagement, we invite you to register on the Jump In website and reach out to the Project Team with any questions you have at


Project contact:

Leah Barrie
Manager of Planning
Development Services
City of Kawartha Lakes
Phone: 705-324-9411 extension 1240

Source Water Protection OPA and ZBA

In accordance with the requirements in the Clean Water Act, 2006, and the Source Protection Plans for the Trent and the South Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe regions, Council adopted By-laws at the November 17th Council meeting to establish policies and provisions to protect existing and future sources of municipal residential drinking water at Wellhead Protection Areas and Intake Protection Zones. Protecting water at its source is the first line of defense in a multi-barrier approach that protects drinking water from contamination and overuse, human health and the environment.

Additional Resources

Affordable Housing Targets Program

Developers, community housing providers, non profits, landlords and homeowners are invited to learn about various incentives available to create affordable housing. Incentives apply to new construction, rehabilitation, secondary suites and subsidies within market units and made available to assist Kawartha Lakes and the County of Haliburton achieve their affordable housing targets. You can learn more on the Affordable Housing Target Program webpage.

For more detailed info or to submit your application, please contact:

Elise Karklins - Affordable Housing Program Coordinator

705-324-9870 extension 3105

Street and Facility Naming

More information about street and facility naming can be found on the Street and Facility Naming Page.

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