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Short Term Rentals

FireworksKawartha Lakes is known for its beautiful lakes, towns, villages and environment. That's what makes us cottage country, and it's why people love to visit us. Short Term Rentals are the perfect way for tourists and Kawartha Lakes residents to enjoy what the municipality has to offer.

However, it's important to remember By-law regulations and other information that must be followed when renting a Short Term Rental.


 What is a Short Term Rental?
Short Term Rentals are when you stay in a rental space for 30 days or less. This can include renting a private room in a home, an entire home, a seasonal property like a cottage or any other space. Short Term Rentals do not include established accommodations such as bed and breakfasts, hotels, trailer parks or campgrounds.
 By-law Inspection Fees

Short Term Rental property owners are encouraged to be active hosts in ensuring that their guests enjoy an excellent stay in Kawartha Lakes and that their neighbours maintain an excellent quality of life.

Please remember that Short Term Rental operators can be held accountable for the actions of their guests. If a Municipal By-law is broken, By-law fines can be charged to the individuals who violated the regulation and inspection fees can be charged to the property owner.

Occurrence Fee
First Occurrence $112
Second Occurrence $225
Third Occurrence $445
Fourth Occurrence $894
Fifth Occurrence Fees Double

What do I need to know if I'm renting a Short Term Rental?

Fire Pit and Open Air Burns

Bonfires can be an important part of the cottage experience, but remember that they can also be dangerous. Kawartha Lakes Fire Rescue Service implements a Burn Ban if the weather conditions make fires unsafe. Be sure to visit the Fire Burn Bans, Permits and By-Laws page to view the current Burn Ban status and view other important rules and regulations before doing any open air burning. 

Important things to remember:
• Fire pits may be no more than 60 centimetres diameters and must be 15 metres from buildings and 5 metres from property lines
• Fire pits must not be under any vegetation such as trees or overhangs like porches
• Fire pits must be attended at all times
• Smoke cannot disrupt people on neighbouring properties
• Water must be readily available to extinguish the fire

 Waste and Recycling

Kawartha Lakes is beautiful – and we want to keep it that way. Proper disposal of garbage and recyclables is essential to keeping our community and waterways clean.


  • Ensure garbage is disposed of in clear bags
  • Separate fiber and container recyclables
  • Ensure waste is not disposed of in waterways such a lakes or rivers

Visit the Waste and Recycling page to learn more about proper disposal of waste and waste collection days and to view the Municipal Waste Calendar.


For everyone’s safety, roadways and road access must be kept clear to ensure residents, visitors and emergency vehicles have access to properties.

Parking should occur entirely on the property that you are visiting, however, if parking use of the roadways occurs please be considerate of your neighbours. Ensure vehicles are parked legally on roadways and are parked on the correct property. To learn more visit the Roads and Parking page.


Municipal By-law Enforcement can respond to noise complaints along with local Police Service.

Please be sure that you’re respecting your neighbours by following the following noise By-laws:

  • Amplified noise such as stereos is prohibited from 11pm to 11am
  • Yelling, shouting or the playing of musical instruments is prohibited from 9pm to 7am
  • Persistent noise made by any pet, such as a dog barking, is prohibited at all times

If you’re bringing your dog along to your Short Term Rental property, please ensure that they are under care and control at all times, and that they don’t wander on to neighbouring properties. 


As part of Firework By-Law 2007-236. You do not need a permit to use consumer fireworks on the following dates, or the 1 day preceding or the 1 day following:
a)         Victoria Day
b)         Canada Day
c)          Family Day
d)          Indigenous Peoples Day
e)          Labour Day
f)          New Years Eve

Requirements to follow when using consumer fireworks include:

  • Children shall not discharge fireworks
  • Fireworks may not be discharged into any motor vehicle, building or structure
  • Fireworks shall be discharged a minimum of 30 metres from any structure or property line
  • Fireworks may not be discharged during a burn ban

Visit the Fire Services page to read the full By-law, for firework permit applications, and for important guidelines on fireworks safety.

Property Standards

The Property Standards By-law focuses on the maintenance and occupancy of property in the municipality. 

Visit the By-laws page to review the Property Standard By-law.

Who do I call to make a complaint about a Short Term Rental property?

If you’ve noticed that a Short Term Renter or a Short Term Rental property owner is violating a By-law or regulation, please let us know. 

Issue Contact Information

For Municipal Law Enforcement Complaints including but not limited to:

  • Long grass and weed
  • Derelict structures
  • Garbage on the property
  • A dog on the loose
  • A noise complaint

Contact Kawartha Lakes Municipal Law Enforcement.

Monday to Friday 8am to 4:30pm

705-324-9411 extension 1212


Monday to Friday 4:30pm to 9pm or Saturday and Sunday 8am to 6:30pm



Report a Municipal By-law infraction online

For structural alterations/additions, a building without a permit or septic concerns, please contact the Municipal Building Department.

Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm

705-324-9411 extension 1288

For emergencies such as but not limited to:

  • Impaired operation of a motor vehicle or watercraft,
  • Out of control burning,
  • Dangerous misuse of fireworks, 
  • Illicit drug use or violence

Call 9-1-1

For non-emergency burn complaints, contact the Kawartha Lakes Fire Rescue Service.


705-324-5731 extension 500

For information on provincial fishing licenses, fishing limits, rules and regulations
For information on wildlife or bear problems Visit

To report a municipal issue, such as garbage on the roadside or road maintenance issues.

Report an issue or concern online

For all emergencies, call 9-1-1

For any other questions.

Contact the municipality of Kawartha Lakes, by calling 705-324-9411 or toll-free at 1-888-822-2225.

For after-hour Municipal emergencies, please contact 1-877-885-7337. 

Printable Posters

If you are looking for information to display in your own cottage or rental property that has important By-law and emergency information, posters are available for download:

Short Term Rentals - Information sheet for renters and property owners - 11x17

Short Term Rentals - Information Sheet for renters and property owners - 8.5x11

Short Term Rentals - Information sheet for resident and property owner complaints - 11x17

Short Term Rentals - Information sheet for resident and property owner complaints - 8.5x11

History of Short Term Rentals in Kawartha Lakes

In October 2017, Council received a staff report on the implications of regulating short term rental accommodations and made the decision to proceed with public consultation on the matter. Residents and homeowner associations spoke to Council regarding their concerns about safety, noise and nuisance resulting from recent short term rentals in their areas on Pigeon, View and Scugog lakes.

As a result, Council and the municipality of Kawartha Lakes have taken several measures to address the community's concerns. Learn more about them here.

June 2019 - Council receives Short Term Rentals Update

At the June 4 Committee of the Whole, Council received an update on Short Term Rentals in Kawartha Lakes. Presented by Municipal Law Enforcement, this update included information about ongoing public education campaigns, how many calls are received about Short Term Rentals and more. Council moved to continue with monitoring Short Term Rentals and implementing an education campaign.

Read the full presentation here.

August 2018 - Council makes a decision on Short Term Rentals

Council made a decision on short term residential rentals in the City of Kawartha Lakes at the August 14 Council Meeting. Council adopted the first option of the Short Term Rentals Follow Up Report to continue to monitor short term residential rentals and implement several amendments to City by-laws to enable Municipal Law Enforcement to better respond and track issues arising at these properties.

Read the full news release in our newsroom.

June 2018 - Council receives update on Short Term Rentals

City staff have completed an extensive review of short term residential rentals in the City of Kawartha Lakes and will be providing an informational report to Council on the June 19 agenda on the outcomes of the review and proposed options for Council consideration.

Read the full news release in our newsroom.

April 2018 - Kawartha Lakes wants public input on Short Term Rentals

The City’s Municipal Law Enforcement and Licensing Division hosted a Short Term Rentals Public Forum and invited residents to attend.

Read the full news release in our newsroom.

October 2017 - Council to explore regulations on Short Term Rentals

At the October 10 Council meeting, Council received a staff report on the implications of regulating short term rental accommodations and made the decision to proceed with public consultation on the matter. Staff will bring back a report on other options including costs by the end of June  2018.

Read the full news release in our newsroom.

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