Utilities, Water and Sewer

Call us first: if you are experiencing difficulties with your water and wastewater services call us first, we may be able to easily resolve the issue and save you time and money.

Utility billing

Visit our Paying Your Water Bill page for information about:

  • paying your water bill
  • water billing frequency
  • water billing notification
  • water and wastewater rates
  • water and wastewater related service fees
  • applications for water and wastewater service and;
  • water relief programs

The City installs, repairs and upgrades water meters, takes water readings, prepares water bills, processes payments and arranges for seasonal shut offs.

If you have questions about utility services please call 705-324-9411.

Water and wastewater services

Visit our Water and Wastewater Services page for information about:

  • source water protection
  • private wells
  • Ontario Water Wastewater Agency Response Network
  • City and resident responsibilities
  • watermain and sewer flushing
  • bulk water
  • holding tank registration
  • frozen pipes
  • reports
  • salespeople

Water quality

Visit our Water Quality page to learn about:

  • water quality standards
  • the purification process
  • hard water, water colour and odour
  • water treatment

Licensing and regulations

Visit our Licensing and Regulations page to learn about:

  • the Drinking Water Quality Management Standard
  • the City's Quality Management System
  • Ontario water regulations

Sewers and municipal drains

Visit our Sewers and Municipal Drains page to learn more about:

  • Municipal Drainage Policy
  • Drainage Board
  • Tile Loan Program

Municipal Consent Applications

Utility companies require Municipal Consent in order to make installations within the City of Kawartha Lakes right-of way. Approval of a Municipal Consent is only granted to utility companies, commissions, agencies and private applicants, who have the authority to construct, operate and maintain their infrastructure within the City right-of-way.

All utility work within the City requires Municipal Consent from the Engineering department and a Road-Occupancy Permit from the Public Works department. With the exception of emergency work, no installations shall begin before Municipal Consent has been received. Companies must provide formal, detailed drawings for review that show where the utility will be placed.

Contact the Engineering division to start the process of completing a Municipal Consent Application. 

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